3D Printed Custom Name Plate

After having some 3D printed metal pieces from Shapeways.com under my belt, I felt fairly confident with my settings to get legible engraved text. So, I decided to try my hand at having a custom name plate 3D printed for a new electrical test set (Hui Gardens HFX) I made for my Fluke 87V multimeter. This one is in brass and has both engraved text AND an embossed element. It’s got English, Chinese and a custom logo. Costing about ~$35 CAD plus shipping, it’s not bad considering the quality and customization I’m getting. WAY cooler than plain printed text on a metal blank. You can feel the letters on this custom name plate. I chose brass, because it’s a fairly inexpensive metal and brass doesn’t spark when struck (not that it matters in this case) and I see lots of brass being used on HV test equipment I come across. It’s more for aesthetics, but it looks like it belongs.

3D Printed Custom Golf Marker

I was looking to try out 3D printing metals on Shapeways.com, but haven’t found the right piece to try it with that wasn’t too big and WAY too expensive. I thought something the size of a nickel that can be used as a golf ball marker shouldn’t be too bad. Bronze pricing is fairly reasonable in this size and looks very good compared to the more blob-like medallion that is the plastic nylon version.

3D Printed Paper Towel Adapter

I don’t know the details, but wherever it was that we used to order paper towels from no longer works. The closest we have to the rolls of paper towel that fits into the paper towel dispensers is the correct width, but the inner diameter of the tubes is far too large. I designed a 2 stage adapter that fits on both ends of the paper towel tube and allows the dispenser to function as intended.