3D Printed Custom Name Plate

After having some 3D printed metal pieces from Shapeways.com under my belt, I felt fairly confident with my settings to get legible engraved text. So, I decided to try my hand at having a custom name plate 3D printed for a new electrical test set (Hui Gardens HFX) I made for my Fluke 87V multimeter. This one is in brass and has both engraved text AND an embossed element. It’s got English, Chinese and a custom logo. Costing about ~$35 CAD plus shipping, it’s not bad considering the quality and customization I’m getting. WAY cooler than plain printed text on a metal blank. You can feel the letters on this custom name plate. I chose brass, because it’s a fairly inexpensive metal and brass doesn’t spark when struck (not that it matters in this case) and I see lots of brass being used on HV test equipment I come across. It’s more for aesthetics, but it looks like it belongs.