HF61 – 5W USB Powered Amplified Speaker with Equalizer


Hui Gardens HF61 5W USB powered amplified speaker is the bigger badder version of the Hui Gardens HF6 with an added internal 4x AA battery pack and a 3 band equalizer. Sound output from this 5W speaker is enough to rattle the desk a bit. Protected by a Pelican 1030, the HF61 is still small enough to fit in the side pockets of most backpacks and the internal batteries makes it truly portable. There is still an option for external power if you have a USB port nearby. Ran out of power or don’t want lithium ion batteries exploding in your face? No problem, they’re just regular AA batteries, just swap in some new ones! If you’re finding that you can’t get enough juice out of your USB port to get the volume and bass desired without distortion or clipping, plug in a 9V or 12V wall adapter and crank it UP!

The 3 band equalizer allows for adjustment of treble, mid-range and bass via physical knobs. This dumb speaker has no extra “smart” bits, just plain and simple things to make good sound. At least better than what a laptop can muster. Crank it up a bit and watch this thing pound! Being a dumb speaker, it is impossible for the HF61 to spy on you. You can yell “HEY DUMBASS!” at it all you want and nothing is going to happen.

HF6 – 2W USB Powered Amplified Speaker


Hui Gardens HF6 2W USB powered amplified speaker was designed to provide better sound than what comes out of a laptop computer. It is small and fits into a backpack side pocket without issue. The HF6 is powered by a LM386 and features bass boost along with gain and volume adjust. There is even room in the Pelican 1010 case lid to store an aux cable and USB power cable. Hui Gardens HF6 can be powered by any 5VDC source including the USB port on a laptop computer or wall charger.