HF71 – Custom RS232 Cable for IS33

Having worked in an ISO 17025 calibration lab, I get to see a lot of different and fancy test equipment. The Crystals are hands down my favourite pressure calibrators. They last forever and are usually within tolerance as found. Since they last so long, there’s still a good deal of these IS33 pressure calibrators out there that has the odd ball custom RS232 serial connector. This makes setting the calibration date and span adjustment a bit of an issue. The PN 1928 cable is VERY hard to come by and basically impossible to purchase. I got to thinking and found that I could make my own custom cable that is compatible with the PN 1928. This is my first custom cable and I’m very happy that it worked out. The working cable you see in the photo is a third iteration that uses a standard RS232 serial connector, Ethernet cable and a modified SATA power connector.