3D Printed Paper Towel Adapter

I don’t know the details, but wherever it was that we used to order paper towels from no longer works. The closest we have to the rolls of paper towel that fits into the paper towel dispensers is the correct width, but the inner diameter of the tubes is far too large. I designed a 2 stage adapter that fits on both ends of the paper towel tube and allows the dispenser to function as intended.

3D Printed Calibration Block

While working on the 3D printed battery cover for IS33, I thought to myself: “I really don’t know if my cheap ass digital calipers are that accurate”. The little tabs that holds the lid in place are less than 1.0mm thick. So, I designed a simple calibration block with steppings at 1″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 1/4″. Turns out my caliper is plenty good for my purposes. This block of plastic cost me ~$16 at the time. WAY cheaper than getting actual gauge blocks. It’ll at least give me a rough idea if the measurement readings are sane or not.

3D Printed Battery Cover for IS33

Seeing a good deal of customers with broken or missing battery covers for their Crystal IS33 pressure calibrators, I thought there must be a less expensive option of just getting the lid. This was my first crack at 3D printing and all the fun aspects it entails. Took me three tries, but the current version fits perfectly. Due to the tight dimensional tolerances, I don’t think PLA would be feasible and SLS with Nylon 12 aka PA 2200 looks to fit the bill.

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