HF31 – Thermo Hygrometer Barometer with Solar Charger


Hui Gardens HF31 thermo hygrometer barometer is a rugged solar powered environment monitoring device. The HF31 makes use of the Bosch BME280 sensor for its thermometer, hygrometer and barometer functions to measure air temperature, humidity and station pressure. Dew point is calculated from air temperature and humidity and displayed on a hi-res OLED display.

Protected by a transparent Nanuk 310 case, the Hui Gardens HF31 can withstand the elements while housing a solar panel that charges two internal user replaceable NiMH AA batteries. The brains of the HF31 is an Arduino compatible Adafruit Pro Trinket (3V) for low power consumption. HF31 is field programmable via the FTDI cutout in the panel and can be adjusted and calibration date set if you know what you’re doing. The Hui Gardens HF31 is a portable weather station that can be strapped to the outside of a backpack or left in the snow.