HF5 – Timing Box


Hui Gardens HF5 timing standard was made to be fairly universal and can act as a transducer that triggers based on the input contacts being closed. The HF5 outputs 5VDC when the trigger input is closed or if the push button is pressed. HF5 is powered by an Arduino Nano and the Arduino micros() library function claims resolution down to 4us. Protected by a Nanuk 903, the HF5 can withstand transport.

Thanks to the 5VDC output, the Hui Gardens HF5 can be used to trigger a frequency counter. Aside from the 5VDC output, the HF5 also has NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) banana jacks triggered by the same inputs. The HF5 is powered by a 4x AA external battery pack and features a backlit 16×2 LCD display which displays current relay position and timing.